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This training is perfect for everyone who wants to work on themselves, but is too busy for a regular training, or simply prefers learning in a way fully tailored to their needs. The focus is on self-work, meaning all the tools and approaches are for you to use on yourself, and you will be guided to practise them during the course.

This training allows for a fully individual approach. We will focus on your goals and preferences, and anytime we encounter an obstacle, block or resistance, we will address them together. We will have enough space to make sure that you really understand the content, and that you are able to use the technique well on your own.

The training contains:
5 meetings
3-4 hours per meeting (including breaks)
Individual appointments - perfect for those with busy schedule
Individual approach - you will learn tools that are of the most use for you personally
Sessions - we will be working on the things that are holding you back both in your life, and from using the technique.

This training takes place in English, online, on the Zoom platform.


What is The Highest Law?

The Highest Law (THL) is a complex therapeutic model designed to work on the client's unconscious decisions while taking into account the multidimensionality of existence.  

It allows a dialogue with one's own Soul. It not only expands consciousness, but helps to unlock the channels through which we are able to look holistically at ourselves and our everyday life. It aims for interdimensional integration, which translates into positive impact on our life in the here and the now.

It can help you examine and transform all aspects of your life from higher perspective - why did you choose parents that delivered certain experiences to you, what higher ideas are forming your physicality etc.


About the instructors:
Eva Zetkova has plentiful experience teaching various subjects and modalities. She has been working with THL since the first moments, as she is one of the co-authors of the method. Eva uses THL on herself on daily basis, which allows her to have a deep insight into the challenges that one encounters while leading oneself through the process. More about Eva >

Diana Chero is an experienced practitioner of multiple healing techniques - from emotional trauma release, through ancestral and systemic constellations to astro-coaching and, lastly, THL. Throughout her work with The Highest Law, she observed and applied different approaches to guiding her clients, students, and herself.  More about Diana >

Do you have any questions about the training? Message us at

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